Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

The Employee Retention Credit is a Covid relief fund rewarding businesses for keeping employees during the pandemic.

This government stimulus program provides up to $26,000 - per each w-2 employee, with Zero Repayment.
ERC payments to you are a Cash Rebate - Deposited directly from the IRS into your Business Bank Account.

This ERC Program provides Clients with Exclusive Advantages
●  Proven Results - We have already assisted clients in receiving - over $500 million in funding.
●  Our Superior Team - CPA's, Attorneys and Payroll specialists, consistently outperform accountants.
●  Experienced Consultants - Navigate the 150-page IRS rule book - in order to maximize results for our clients.
●  Even if you received PPP - 90% of our clients have received PPP and we helped them get more ERC funds.
●  Faster Payment - Our Advance Payment Program ensures our clients receives ERC funds as soon as possible.
●  No Waiting - ERC qualified clients can receive funds - up to 70% of Credits owed - in as little as one month.
●  No Decline in Revenue - Not a Problem - You can qualify without a decline in revenue during the pandemic.

●  Started their business in 4Q 2019 or earlier
● Had at least Ten (10) - W2 employees in 4Q of 2020 and any quarter of 2021

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